Troubleshooting updating bios on a7n8x deluxe Hot chatfree teen

23-Oct-2017 23:03

There's even a ASUS "support online store" at Europe where a new Chip is sold, to replace the stock "troubled" one. After that, the board stops working 'till the BIOS is reflashed - in a recorder, or another board via "hot-swapping"... It was restarting randomly a few days earlier, but I thought it was just because it was overheating.I put an additional fan next to my computer, and the crashes seemed to stop.Does anyone have the 1009 bios so I can flash it back and hopefully fix this. I've been having trouble booting up my desktop computer.

If noone can flash the chip for me, I'll send E deluxe to ASUS for testing, and return the regular deluxe. Their tech web sites, half the freaking links don't work.

So hopefully I pop that bad boy in tomorrow and I'm a happy camper.