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XMLConfiguration config = Configuration(); flag to true so both do not need to be set.

The XML Parser will then use the schema defined in the XML document to validate it.

Validation via XSD schemas or DTDs is not supported.

If you require validation, it is recommended that you use either MSXML or System. If you read a document that refers to an external XSD schema, the Xml Lite reader ignores the external schema.

In most scenarios, Xml Lite parses faster than either the DOM in MSXML or SAX2 in MSXML. NET Framework be installed on deployment computers. NET framework to be installed, and may be appropriate for this situation.

Because Xml Lite is oriented towards optimum performance, it does not provide for document validation.

So in our example the entity resolver would load the DTD file from a local cache instead of retrieving it from the internet.

method with the public IDs of the entities to be retrieved and their corresponding local URLs.

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As an example, consider that the DTD file for our example document is stored on the class path.

Therefore, Xml Lite is most appropriate in the second of the two scenarios.

Xml Lite enables developers to write efficient (fast) code to read and write XML documents. NET, or other languages that use the common language runtime (CLR), it is more appropriate to use one of the parsers in System. Some developers want a deployment scenario where it is not required that the Microsoft .

Xml Lite works with any Windows language that can use dynamic link libraries (DLLs), but Microsoft recommends C .

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Xml Lite comes with all necessary support files for use with C , but if you want to use it with other languages, some additional work may be required.The Xml Lite library allows developers to build high-performance XML-based applications that provide a high degree of interoperability with other applications that adhere to the XML 1.0 standard.The primary goals of Xml Lite are ease of use, performance, and standards compliance.Xml Lite works with various versions of the Microsoft C compiler, but the samples in the documentation have been validated only with the latest version of Visual Studio.