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There were high hopes for this film, borne of the optimism that finally, after years of writing, directing, and producing plays, screenplays, and television scripts, Perry might finally move beyond the mediocrity so much of his work is mired in.

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That the wealthy are regularly demonized in Perry films is quite the irony given the enormous wealth Perry has amassed from a largely working class audience.He has been writing plays and films since he was 22.Perry’s start was modest, staging his first play at a community theatre and less than a decade later, his plays were a popular mainstay on the chitlin’ circuit.In 2005, he made his first movie, and since then, Perry has also been a box office success, with his films grossing more than a half-billion dollars.

Perry’s rise is noteworthy for many reasons not the least of which is that he understands real power in Hollywood lies in the complete ownership of creative work.

He owns and runs Tyler Perry Studios, the rare black-owned production studio in the United States.