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17-Oct-2017 17:05

When writing connections, the plugins will be asked to save the connection in the order listed here; if the first plugin cannot write out that connection type (or can't write out any connections) the next plugin is tried, etc.

If none of the plugins can save the connection, an error is returned to the user.

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Sections are started by a header line containing the section enclosed in '[' and ']', and ended implicitly by the start of the next section or the end of the file.

Listing a device here will allow activating connections on that device even when it does not have carrier, provided that the connection uses only statically-configured IP addresses.

Aug 27, 2014. With a proper Linux server admins can easily SSH into it and run upgrades using the familiar and trusted upgrade channels that Linux server distributions. Then we need to have a DNS relay and DHCP server on our wlan0 interface so the clients actually get a working Internet connection, and this can be.… continue reading »

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