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Same with any company that specifically promotes their product as being "the cheapest" (I dont want the cheapest, I want the best value, there is a BIG difference) On the other hand, I found some old ads for Yellow Cabs here in Brisbane on You Tube that are very good ads.https:// The new Youi ad is driving me to insanity, just like all the Youi ads before it. They may be getting people to talk about the ads (good in advertising speak) but how will this convert to ownership?

The one with the "I like the way you move me.." jingle in it. Who would want to be associated as a Mitzy (moron) owner? Mitsubishi Australia probably wanted an ad campaign to rival the catchiness of the 'You bought a Jeep' series, but I think they would get a better traction if they promoted the fact that they actually made the WWII Zero aircraft for the Japanese than this atrocious and annoying campaign.

Instead of "Hallelujah" it's "Me Meee Mee Mee" in a "Hallelujah" tone for 20 seconds straight.

It was ok at first but it's real annoying and gets in your face while it's playing.

Heck, most general insurance ads make me want to switch as well (certain RACQ ads being the rare exception).

No escaping it I refuse to buy any of their products for torturing me with that stupid voice ;-P Favourite ad would be the Nescafé caps ad with Clooney Lw8bklpgc In all the years I have been watching TV, I have NEVER seen an ad for ANY kind of financial insurance product (life insurance, funeral insurance, income protection etc) that doesn't make me want to switch channels immediately.

Their advertising annoys me so much that I have vowed never to get insurance with them – no matter how cheap they are. not trying to be rude or anything, but wouldnt that mean her dad has died 4 times and come back to life three times. and then that stupid wallet wizard guy comes out of the closet or where ever. Any Insurance Commercial (You know why) Oh can I get your age and smoker status? I bet hearing those things just causes the smokers to start smoking again.

Do I scream at them and then speak in a condescending tone? Has anyone else noticed that the girl who is in the ad about seeing a GP to lose weight ("Wow, I just lost another x kilos") is the same girl eating chips in the KFC Original tenders ad ?

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