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21-Mar-2017 05:19

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Plus, what’s to stop a hacker from finding that IP address and tracing it back to your computer.On Qibly it said “c” This shows that even if you go into the monitored section, you still can come across things that may not be appropriate for teens.A person could do something that is not appropriate whatsoever, it doesn’t matter if you are in the moderated section or not.I went on this Omegle review site and this is why I think it is completely unsafe, the things I have mentioned has actually happened to people: I know I don’t control people’s decisions, but I believe people have the right to know.Also be aware of where you are doing the video chat from, don’t do it anywhere that can possibly give your location away to the stranger.Omegle in all is not a safe site, the safest you can be is staying away from it.This is all things that somebody should not need to know.

The site is free and it requires no registration whatsoever.

The thing is that sometimes a few celebrities or even youtube stars go on there, you can never tell what is real anymore. All our lives we have been told not to talk to strangers, but then here comes a site where you can chat face to face with some random person you don’t know.

There are endless possibilities of what could happen on the other side of the chat!

Something that I have found common among many reviews is strangers asking you what your asl is.

I found out that asl stands for age, sex, and location.Chats are completely anonymous, unless you feel like sharing personal information about yourself.You don’t choose who you get to chat with, Omegle does that for you.Somebody could be hacking into the Omegle system looking for your computer’s IP address.

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