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27-Feb-2018 15:50

This is especially true if there are two or more tables involved in the update process.

In general data may be updatable, updatable under certain conditions, or not updatable at all.

These queries can be created using the query designer tool.

When you run the form you can change the values in the various columns except the primary key field. You will be able to type the change in the text box; after you have made your edits, you just need to move to another record (movement can be forward or backward).

I selected the UPN field from T_Pupils and in the update to I've typed [T_Final test].[UPN].

May 21, 2008. I am trying to create an 'Update Query' in vba but I am missing something. I am running Access 2002 XP. I have a drop down combo box with four columns.… continue reading »

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Jul 6, 2015. When I was heavily into Access development I hit this problem a few times. Most simple queries are updatable, but others are not. You can tell by trying to edit the values in the result set. I would try your query first before assuming you can't do it. There is one technique I used which gets around this issue.… continue reading »

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Select Query This is the default query created by the Access Query View and Query Wizard. With the Select Query, you are simply "selecting" records from the data sources. Update Query An Update Query is used when you want to update records in your Access tables based on specific criteria. For example, "update the.… continue reading »

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Use an update query in Access desktop databases to update or change the. Create and run an update query. The process of updating data from one table to another.… continue reading »

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