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A table that contains entries of different categories, in which an internal order needs to represented ( lets say a table with busstops on different routes).If you add new entries or move stops from one route to another you will most likely want to increment the position of the busstop within this route.I have recently setup a Xen VPS hosting (Cent OS 6/512MB RAM/20GB HDD) for my Word Press based website.My current php My Admin version is 4.1.7 and the current My SQL version is 5.1.73.If you access a column from the table to be updated in an expression, assignments are generally evaluated from left to right.For multiple-table updates, there is no guarantee that assignments are carried out in any particular order. COLUMN2 IS NULLAn outerjoin is performed based on the equijoin condition.Sometimes you have a lot of processes that could be updating a column value in a table. ID=54321 Here's a workaround for the update/subquery/cant do self table "bug"Senario is, ID 8 has multiple records, only the last (highest) record needs to be changedupdate t1 set c1 = ' NO'where id='8'order by recno desc limit 1I would prefer update t1 set c1=' NO' WHERE ID=8 AND RECNO = (SELECT MAX(RECNO) FROM T1 WHERE ID=8)But that's not currently allowed If you want to update a table based on an aggregate function applied to another table, you can use a correlated subquery, for example: UPDATE table1 SET table1field = (SELECT MAX(table2.table2field) FROM table2 WHERE table1.table1field = table2.table2field)This can be helpful if you need to create a temporary table storing an ID (for, say, a person) and a "last date" and already have another table storing all dates (for example, all dates of that person's orders).If you want to return the value before you updated it without using a seperate select (which unless you lock the table could return a different value than is updated) then you can use a mysql variable like this:update some_table set col = col 1 where key = 'some_key_value' and @value := col The @value := col will always evaluate to true and will store the col value before the update in the @value variable. Additional information on My SQL correlated subqueries is at UPDATE can apparently be used to implement a semaphore (pardon my pseudocode):while TRUE The code above waits until the semaphore is "cleared" (value = 0) and then "sets" it (value = 1).

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I was not able, using my SQL 4.1.1, to do this as a subquery: UPDATE Groups LEFT JOIN (SELECT Group Id, MIN(Val Within Group) AS base Val FROM Groups GROUP BY Group Id) AS Grp Sum USING (Group Id) SET Val Within Group=Val Within Group-base Val; Csaba Gabor UPDATE Syntax with "on-line" updating value limitations.The solution is surprisingly simple, thanks to My SQL: UPDATE xoops_bb_posts_text SET post_text=( REPLACE (post_text, 'morphix.sourceforge.net', ' the string function REPLACE, all items in the post_text column with 'morphix.sourceforge.net' get this substring replaced by 'Ideal when writing a script is just too much effort.I wanted to update my php My Admin to the latest version but I'm told it requires My SQL 5.5.

I was advised against updating My SQL to 5.5 due to some security issues.See information -- under each version there is a brief description of what the requirements are and how long it will be supported, and the 4.0.x branch is currently the best choice for your situation.I agree with the others that I'm not aware of any unfixed security issues in 5.5; in fact as dartonw mentioned since 5.1 is nearing the end of life they won't be fixing any vulnerabilities found in that, so you'll need to upgrade sometime.Hence, which is the latest version of php My Admin that is supported by My SQL 5.1.73?

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