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26-Dec-2017 00:39

Application Dim obj XLBook As Book Dim current Worksheet As Sheet Const ERR_APP_NOTRUNNING As Long = 429 On Error Resume Next 'Set obj XLApp = Create Object("Excel. Application") If Err = ERR_APP_NOTRUNNING Then Set obj XLApp = New Excel. When I added the Objxl.range instead, it started working. OK this is probably very simple, but I have just got a new PC and this code JUST TO OPEN EXCEL e.g. Quit Set xl Ws1 = Nothing Set xl Ws2 = Nothing Set xl Wb = Nothing Set xl App = Nothing If you don't want to have problems when opening excel files try: Dim obj XLApp As New Excel. If you don't create a new instance initially it seems to work better. Dim xl Work Book As Workbook Set xl Work Book = Workbooks. I thought I had tried it but I missed one range statement. Active Workbook used to work on my old PC, however it now will not work on my new one.- I have tried enabling the TOOLSREFERENCES in the library for Excel - Was wondering if there is some sort of enhanced security in the latest version of excel to prevent other programs from controlling it?? Worksheets("Charts")' Code transferring data from Access to Excel and creates a number of charts in Excelobj XLBook. Quit Set obj Results Sheet = Nothing Set obj Chart Sheet = Nothing Set obj XLBook = Nothing Set obj XLApp = Nothing I have the same problem.

Open("C:\WINDOWS\desktop\TonyaCounters\Freq Data.xls")Set xl Ws1 = xl Wb.

This code does the following:1) Opens an existing spreadsheet2) Shows it on screen3) Writes some data from a table to several different worksheet cells4) Selects a worksheet and 'Autofits' the cells5) Saves the existing file6) closes it Private Sub Excel Code()Dim app Excel As Object Dim work Book As Object Dim work Sheet As Object' Open an existing spreadsheet Set app Excel = Get Object("C:\Accounting\File1.xls")' Show spreadsheet on screenapp Excel.

Thanks to the excellent users on this forum with great tips, here is the basic code I used to finally make it work.

It says: This article was previously published under Q187745 SYMPTOMSWhen automating Microsoft Excel 97, Excel 2000, or Excel 2002, if the application window has been made visible and the user manually closes it, Excel will not repaint correctly the next time the application window is made visible again.

Quit' Release objects Set work Sheet = Nothing Set work Book = Nothing Set app Excel = Nothing End Sub Hope this helps...flize I found this solution at the Microsoft knowlegde database (Microsoft knows his bug)number "Q187745: BUG: Microsoft Excel Does Not Repaint Properly with Automation". When I increased the variable excel no longer closes. When I increase it even more, I get a component request pending error. I thought I had an issue with RAM but I increased that and it didn't seem to make a difference.

Hi All I have tried to use automation between Access and Excel for creating charts.