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As such, it is not right to hurt your loved one because of jealousy.Rather, one should evaluate the negative events and judge whether you would still love her/him.If your love exceed the negative feelings, then cohabit with peace and affection and do not hurt each other.Else if you cannot forgive and the negative feelings exceed your love, then separate without hurting.

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We may understand by all these texts that Allah Ta`ala want a muslim`s interior to be of a required standard.But when this jealousy came into a feeling of hurting, vengeance or enmity, then it is definitely condemned by shariah. Else you may cohabit if your positive inner feelings exceed your negative ones.For example, on the authority of Nassai once a companion complained of the infidelity of his wife to the prophet(saw). Even between married couples, we are ordered to act with justice and be beneficent to the other partner.Q) Is it right for me to hurt my loved ones because of jealousy?

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Hurting loved ones because of jealousy Q Is it right for me to hurt my loved ones because of jealousy? A Islam came to bring spiritual standards to both physical aspect and also inner feeling of the human being.… continue reading »

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