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"But I think for sure, international cultures are a beautiful thing. That's why campaigns like Hershey are fun." Ohno, who jokingly said he used to eat chocolate bars before, during and after competing, said that he thought it was needed for a "quintessential American brand" like Hershey to put support behind Team USA.

The United States has always been a melting pot of all different types of cultures of people and the Olympics is one of those phenomenons that happen once every four years. Obviously, my passion is on behalf of the Olympic Games and what that movement stands for." Ohno, 35, says he has offices around the world and can find friends from his skating days most places he goes. "Especially in times now where there is so much separation amongst the different belief systems in the United States," he said.

His trademark facial feature isn't quite as luscious as it used to be, but he still reeks of Winter Olympics nostalgia heading into next month's Winter Games, where he will be part of the NBC broadcast team.

Ohno remains the most decorated winter Olympian of all time, last competing in the 2010 Games. They hone their skills for years before finally reaching a stage to compete against the world's top athletes.

But one of the things that stuck strongest with him after he left the ice was friendship. During and after that competition, they experience cultures around the globe.

Ohno believes that cultural experience could benefit all Americans. Many people who work hard don't have the ability to travel on an ongoing basis," Ohno told UPI in an interview. We have the Olympic Games and we have athletes that go around the world representing us.

Going for the Gold Ohno is working with Hershey to unveil its new Gold product, the fourth flavor in the history of the brand. Ohno won two gold medals, two silver medals and four bronze medals in his Winter Games tenure.

He will appear in ads for the product in February and throughout the Winter Games. 5, the brand will premiere a series of "every day" ads promoting the product. On the same team "The Olympic Games is that one kind of sporting event that unifies our country and says that we cheer for one flag, one countryman, one group regardless of where you are from in the country and what your beliefs are," Ohno said.

"No matter where they are being held, Korea or Salt Lake City or Russia, Vancouver, Italy or wherever, it is that once every four years moment where every American watches and they cheer for their countrymen. It definitely brings people closer because we are all cheering for the same team." Facing Russia and North Korea The Russian team was banned from competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics, but athletes from the country are still allowed to compete if they meet International Olympic Committee standards.It appears that Apolo Ohno girlfriend does not exist and he is completely single and he would like to change this situation and find someone that would be special for him.He has participated in the show Dancing With the Stars and since then his looks changed a lot and he looks even more sexier and this might help to find Apolo Ohno girlfriend, but apparently it does not and he is still left single.Apolo states himself that it is really hard to find time for dating and he does not even remember when was the last time that he has gone on a date with someone, because the show takes up all of his time, so Apolo Ohno girlfriend will not exist for the near future, or at least it looks like this.