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"It felt like a role that I could really dive into.

Of course I’m pulling off of lived experience for the character as well," Cole explained to Deciding to take that step away from the spotlight to go to college and figure out what they really wanted to do with their lives was something Cole said was necessary for him and Dylan.

When I was 15 or 16, it went right to my head, and it took a long time for me to get past that.

And coupled alongside masculinity as a complex as well, and the arrogance inherent within that, it was easy to get lost within the power trip of it all." It's kind of crazy to think about how having such massive success at such a young age can really affect actors as they simply grow up and because Cole lived this life, he sees a lot of himself in dear old Juggy when it seems like he wouldn't have much in common with this ficitional character.

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"We were at this point of recognize-ability where we couldn’t even walk around anymore," he said.

I think there’s something so human about that and so understandable about that, that Jughead became really interesting to me.

He’s this character that strives for a kind of deepness in almost a cringe-y capacity, and that experience was really enjoyable to try and portray on screen," Cole explained to . I mean, my brother and I were on a TV show for probably our entire teenage years, and we were also given this strange understanding that we had all this power.

Child stardom since you’re eight months old is something that’s very, very rare.

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The narratives that have come out of that between my brother and I, I feel they deserve a more public discussion but I think I have a lot to learn and I need to take the time educate myself. I’m very specific and critical of myself so if I do come out with something, it’s got to be up to a standard that I’m sure I approve of." The true story of what life for Cole and Dylan has really been like, as told by Cole?

Cole ended up landing the role of Jughead Jones, Archie's longtime friend who has that air of mystery to him, often is labeled as the outsider in the town of Riverdale.