Who is donovan bailey dating

23-Nov-2017 13:25

anadian sprinter Donovan Bailey set the world record in a 100-meter race in 1996, earning the distinction of "world's fastest man." At his peak during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, the Jamaican-born Bailey ran a record-setting, gold-medal-winning time of 9.84 seconds.

With three teammates, he also captured the gold in the 4100-meter relay.

Taking the gold medal in 100 meters, he set a world-record time of 9.84 seconds, becoming the fastest man in history.

In his signature style, Bailey started at the back of the pack before over-taking his competitors in a dramatic midrace surge.

By then Bailey had sustained a nearly careerending Achilles tendon injury; he went on to recover and return to sprinting, retiring in 2001 before his 34th birthday.While in Stuttgart, Bailey met Dan Pfaff, a track coach at Louisiana State University.Seeing promise in Bailey, Pfaff invited the sprinter to train with him in Baton Rouge.Although he became a star in Canada, Bailey did not become the fully-embraced national hero he had envisioned.