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The Foreign Office said: "There would not be a shift to indefinite direct rule, rather a targeted intervention which would last no longer than it takes for necessary reforms to be implemented." Turks and Caicos: A relic of empire *The islands are situated 600 miles south-east of Miami and cover 166 square miles across 28 islands.*TCI is a British Overseas Territory which is normally self-governing.One deal saw an east European mogul secure land worth millions for an annual rent of £170.A letter was produced from the islands' minister for natural resources, Mc Allister Hanchell, awarding himself a grant of Crown land: "Dear Honourable Hanchell, I refer to your request for a freehold title.

Asked why he was paid more than the British prime minister, Mr Misick said: "I have done more for the Turks and Caicos than Gordon Brown has done for England." Sir Robin's commission heard how Mr Misick and other ministers had grown rich by acquiring publicly-owned Crown land, selling it to developers and receiving commissions.The arrival of London's emergency state-building team was hastened yesterday when it emerged that the islands' charismatic political leader, Premier Michael Misick, had resigned from his post a week earlier than expected after six years at the head of a scandal-plagued administration.The dramatic turn of events is the culmination of a nine-month inquiry that uncovered allegations ranging from endemic corruption and sharp practice involving the sale of public land to the penchant of Mr Misick for adultery, private jets, designer suits and "buying" his Hollywood actress wife a white Rolls-Royce Phantom.Among those may be Mr Misick, who repeatedly denied any wrongdoing during four days of questioning in January.