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10-Mar-2018 13:12

Department of Commerce NIST-MEP to address manufacturing priorities in digital technologies.

READ MORE The SIOSH Day conference will be held on October 27, 2016.

The special visit was the second stop in the city for Sheckler, who originally arrived to meet with 17-year-old Elise Kwan. “It is a really wild experience,” he told CTV News.

Kwan requested that Sheckler be her prom date and through his foundation and the Ronald Mc Donald House, the two were able to meet in the hospital where Kwan is being treated for heart failure. “She’ll be talking about it for days.” The experience has been unforgettable for the skateboarder himself. For some of the children staying at the Ronald Mc Donald House, the meeting had been long anticipated.

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“I was pretty psyched.” For Sheckler, the stop just reaffirms the work his foundation does.At age 13, skateboarder Ryan Sheckler was a novelty when he beat Eric Koston on the street course at X-Games.But at age 18, he's a just another painfully dull teenage celebrity.READ MORE The high performing organizations were evaluated against the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence by the ILPEx Board of Examiners as part of the annual application process and will be honored at the formal award ceremony on March 30, 2017.