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19-Mar-2017 05:26

Daddario captioned it, "Backstage shenanigans with @zacefron," and we can imagine she instantly regretted the decision not to be more descriptive. Almost as soon as the actress hit "share," the rumors started flying.

Commenters chimed in with everything from curiosity ("Are you guys dating???

Zac shared a photo of him and Alexandra at the press junket on Friday (May 12) and wrote the sweetest caption. In case you can’t decipher that emoji, Zac wrote, “peep those eyes!

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“Early on, I had to do a scene where I had to flirt with him and touch his waist,” she recalled. I’m gonna wear that as a badge of honour.” Last week he appeared on James Corden’s Late Late show, opening up further about the experience. If one of your life goals was to be Zac Efron’s biggest kiss ever, then you need to put that dream to bed, because the Hollywood actor has revealed he’s already had it.I love you both") to overzealousness ("The most attractive couple I've ever seen OMGGGG") to just plain irrational ("THIS IS DISGUSTING LEAVE MY MAN ALONE").

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Entertainment news outlets quickly followed, citing both their cozy antics at the award show and sources who claimed they had instant chemistry on set.There is a pivotal scene (we're playing it fast and loose with the term here, but just go with it) in which Zac's character, after being rescued from the terrifying ocean waters by Alexandra's character, bops her on the nose and says, "You care about me, and I care about you." That may have been in the script, but it seems as though everyone would sleep better at night pretending that it was improvised by a man in love. However, it turns out to be Fast And Furious actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson he’s getting intimate with. 's own Jason Kennedy at this weekend's Billboard Music Awards that "I understand why people would go crazy over something like that, but Zac and I are very good friends." But that doesn't exactly explain the straight-up deluge of content the two are throwing up; it leads any millennial to think that they've gone If Zac and Alexandra really are doing the horizontal limbo, or a more romantic version of it, then it would have all started on the Miami set.

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